Saturday, February 25, 2006

Arguily Manufacturing. The Invasion of Chinese

Yes. You heard it right. The chinese have finally, and as expected, entered the ever growing market of arguily (Hookah) manufacturing. Whenerver I mention that I am importing some Arguilys for the summer rush season from China, people goes: China? The arab countries and Turkey have dominated this market for a long time and still do, but the low cost of labour in China and the ability of Chinese to manufacture anything they are asked to, have led some importers to go to China and start producing Arguilys in huge volume and exporting them to Arab countries, Europe and North America. Not only they copycat any arguily style or shape, they also produce vases in colours not seen before, and even adding pictures and sand stoning for a nice finish. The rise of the Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement Party, for example, who has the orange color as their party colour, have led to the production of orange vases and orange hoses, this colour was not produced before. This trend will spread to other colours representing political parties. The fist orange arguily will arrive to Canada around the end of March and I will be selling it on my website Other colours like ruby, red, yellow, light blue will also be available with matching bowl, hose and case.