Thursday, April 06, 2006

Your health is your treasure.

As we all know that smoking is not good for our health. When smoking an arguily/hookah we are not supposed to focus on the smoking aspect but on the social one. We smoke to socialize, we don't socialize to smoke. If you can keep up with these guildelines I provide, you will enjoy the smoking experience more and you will encourage other to join in.
  • Never smoke indoor, not even in garage.
  • Never smoke alone. Always smoke with friends and socialize.
  • Never let children anywhere near you when you smoke.
  • Take at least 30-45 seconds between each puffs.
  • Never inhale.
  • Use mouth piece and offer one to each of your guests.
  • Use Stop-Nicotine filter.
  • Never pack the tobacco in bowl. Sprinkle it.
  • Put your Arguily away in winter.
  • Only smoke outside on a nice sunny day. Your ability to do this means that you are not addicted to Nicotine. You can stop smoking anytime you chose.
  • Always clean your arguily after every use using appropriate brush with cleaning detergent. This includes: bowl, vase, shaft, hose (yes use leather washable hose, not paper-based hose). If you are using a paper-based hose, throw it away after 15-20 smoking sessions, depending on quality.
  • Refill your tobacco bowl or head when you start feeling that the puffing is becoming harsh.
  • Change the position of your charcoal on the aluminum cover every 10 minutes.
  • Do not smoke Ajami Tobacco. This is the dry tobacco that is so strong and smoked with the charcoal in direct contact on it. No aluminum cover is used.
  • Never buy those curved arguily except for display. They are hard to clean and the cleaning brush will not reach some areas.
  • Let your charcoal turn into burning red piece before you place it on the aluminum covering the tobacco bowl.
  • Do not smoke daily. Control your habit.
  • Remember these recommendations and carry them with you anywhere you go and make people aware of the danger of smoke abuse.
  • If you have anymore recommendations to add, let me know and I will add to this list.