Monday, November 14, 2005

Enjoying Your Smoke

The secret of enjoying an arguily/hookah is your choice of Flavoured Tobacco (Shisha or moassal). Choices of shisha flovour is becoming more and more complicated. Manufacturers have produced tobacco from every natural fruit. Most people are sticking to double-apple and they are not inclined to try something else. It is like smoking, once you get hooked to a cigarette brand you never change it. Some makes a change when they are out of stock. The choice of flavour is numerous. I will list what I have come across but not neccessarily tried.
Double-apple, apple, lemon, pineapple, apricot, roses, peach, cappuccino, grape, coconut, cola, sweet melon, mixed fruit, mango, honey, cherry, jasmine, caramel, pistachio, coffee, mandarin, orange, mint, vanilla, rasberry, strawberry, honey dew, margarita, pina colada, chocolate mint, liquorice and plum.

Not one single manufacturer make all these flavours. Nakhleh Tobacco which is considered the leading and oldest producer (1913) and distributor of Flavoured Tobacco has the largest variety. Other notable brands are: Starbuzz, Sahara, Layalina, Al-Waha, Pharaoh, Al-Fakher, Al-Baz, Al-Basha, Al-Ouns, and Abd-ElKader.

The non-flavoured tobacco is only for heavy smokers. The Zaghloul (made by Nakhleh) is the only flavorless shisha. It is a very strong tobacco. It is very poplar among the older hookah smokers in the Arab region. If you are not experienced with this kind of smoke, I don't recommend that you try it, unless you are willing to take a 2-hour nap after.
Here in Canada, selling tobacco online is prohibited. My website sells Hydro herbal tobacco which is legal in Canada and is served by most arguily lounges. Hydro herbal is made in USA by fantasia and considered by far the best herbal (no-nicotine) molasse in the market.

Regardless what flavour you pick, keep this in mind:
  1. Keep your tobacco in tight container to preserve freshness

  2. Keep your tobacco in the fridge

  3. Sprinkle the tobacco in the arguily bowl and never press on it.

  4. For lasting smoke, never let the tobacco touch your aluminium foil. Leave a thin air space between the two.

  5. Refill tobacco when the smoke becomes harsh.

  6. If you dont smell the flavour, then you must have skipped the cleaning process. See my other article.

  7. Take your time and enjoy every PUFFFF!!!