Thursday, November 10, 2005

How do you pick an arguily hose?

hosesThey come is many varieties, shape and length. Some like them long, some like them short. Some like them curved (cobra), some like them straight. Some like them with long handle, some like it with short one.

The handle can be steel or wood. Some handles are simple, some are fancy. The hose itself can be made of plastic, fiber, leather, or paper. Some of them have steel hallow to prevent folding and eventually blocking. These are the good ones.

The long handle gives you a good and comfortable grab. Most regular prefer the long handle.
Some hoses are washable. Inspect the hose to see if it has a steel hallow, if it does then run water through it to get rid of build-up carbon monoxide, otherwise don't wash it, throw it away after few uses (up to 15). Make sure you use a grommet when you hook to the shaft to ensure air tightness.

No matter what you pick, ensure 3 things:

  1. Use disposable mouth piece (Mabsam) with every use. Give each of your guest his/her own mouth piece. (called "biz" by lebanese).
  2. When passing the hose around, out of respect, fold it near the top, make sure the end is pointing toward you, then pass on.
  3. Always wrap the hose around the arguily body. Never leave it on ground.